mercoledì 30 giugno 2010

Essence Into the wild Kajal Jumbo eye pencil

Pros: easy to blend, slightly glossy and transparent.

Cons: color #02 Zulu (the brown one) didn't appeal to me as a kajal, it's too light. As an eyeshadow, it requires a primer to keep it tight all day, or it thickens in the eyelid folds. It's Essence, then: if you're lucky enough to have a dealer near you, you must hope that the corner has not been raided by some wild teenager.

Price: I might be wrong, but I think I paid only €2.99 for it.

Trivia: Essence Into the Wild collection is really nice, there are also two nail enamels which are quite similar to the mythical Chanel Particulière :-)


Right after my last week complaint (Essence Glossy lip gloss lipbalm), the Essence corner in my Oviesse store, which is usually desperately empty, became filled with all sort of good things, including the Into the Wild limited editions: and boy did I raid them!

The first product I tested was the Zulu jumbo eye pencil, which seemed very promising with its marron glacé color.

I firstly tried to use it as an eye pencil, but then I had to come to some adjustments, because on my eyelids it just didn't seem to leave a strong mark, although it is supposed to be a kohl. Despite the initial discomfort, I decided not to let go and I applied it on the upper eyelid, blending it with a finger. The result was lovely!

The color is a bit transparent, almost glossy, and the overall effect is natural but intriguing, sophisticated. The first time I wore it on, I did not use a primer underneath because of an attack of laziness, and I was sorry because in an hour it was already well thickened in the folds of my droopy eyelids. The second time, however, I wasn't unprepared and, by applying my trustworthy primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow base), I have been simply wearing my Essence jumbo eye pencil all day long.

Being so affordable, I bought the #01 beat the heat color (the gold one you see in the picture above) but I have not tested it yet. I hope it's better than the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil of the same color, since it was too orangey and I still have not found out how to make it more wearable.

Now. It may be too arrogant of me, but I think I will never see in my Oviesse the other two 'trend editions' Essence has provided for the months of May / June, "Sun Delicious" and "Surfer Babe": I'm thinking maybe every corner sells only one limited collection, so with Into the Wild I have had my share of Essence summer. Luckily, with this brand you can effortlessly console yourself from any kind of disappointment...

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