martedì 6 luglio 2010

L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Pros: I'm very impressed! It volumizes, stretches and lasts a long time. Plus, it is sooooo black!

Cons: not for me.

Price: about 13 euros.


This post is dedicated to Cristina Casali, from my Facebook page: she reminded me I had never written about last L'Oreal Mascara!

This omission has surprised me: I'm using the Millions Lashes every day since I bought it, so I think it's absurd that it has slipped my mind. Has it become such a huge part of my daily routine, or am I pretending this mascara only gives me the eyelashes I have always know I own?

Even though my favorite mascara is always Max Factor False Lash Effect, this new L'Oréal proposal has amazed me for effectiveness and naturalness. It stretches, volumizes, but, unlike his Max Factor colleague, this has a rather... believable effect, so that I don't seem to have resorted to some kind of magic wand to have eyelashes this nice, fluttering and black! Maybe it's all thanks to the silicon applicator or the bottleneck base opening, allowing the brush to get rid of excess product (just like the Maybelline Stretch & Define Mascara).

Taking it off is not difficult and, given its excellent performance during the day, I wouldn't have bet a dime about it.

I can't find fault with this product: it seemes to me this is a good mascara, with a human price, by the way. L'Oréal had accustomed us to a worrying escalation of costs, but it seems to me that, at least for the Million Lashes, the alarm is now off.

I recommend it: it hasn't made me loyal to a cosmetic, but it has made me a happy woman, with happy eyelashes :-)

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