giovedì 1 luglio 2010

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Fast acting serum anti-cellulite, results in 10 days

Pros: not bad, actually. Especially considering what it costs.

Cons: it has a rather unpleasant texture and smells strange.

Price: around 10 euros.

Results in 10 days? Quite.

Clearly, it promises miracles but doesn't make them, but then, can you tell me the name of an anti-cellulite cream which doesn't claim to work wonders, in order to succeed into winning a seat in our bathroom cabinet?

Since the world began, the anti-cellulite cosmetics do exactly what is in their name: they have, much self-evidently, a cosmetic effect. Smoother skin, reduced 'orange peel' effect, some even had a diuretic effect on me (I swear, it happened with an old Collistar product! maybe thanks to the massage it required...). But it is a state of grace that vanishes, it takes just a few days without it and it's like you had never used it. I wonder how they do it!

Personally, besides the ability to generate a minimum result, what I ask my anti-cellulite cream is to be pleasant to use. In this case, however, this condition was not met.

Notwithstanding that, yes, after ten days you can say to yourself "Wow," I must also add that this year, like all years to tell the truth, I can't reach the coveted crown of "Miss Brazil in Italy", and it bothers me. Sure, the reason is also my sedentary lifestyle, but with other products (a name, at random? Vichy Lipometric) I seemed to see more striking results.

Anyway, what I disliked about this serum is its sticky consistency, and since this has brought as a result a certain reluctance to prolonged massage, I might conclude that if it had smelled better, I would have got better results. I'm not saying it should have reached the supreme heights of Shiseido Body Creator, who claims its anti-cellulite effect also comes from aromatherapy sources, but is it wrong to want a product that is also fun to use?

All in all, this product is not bad, especially considering the price. For me, however, anti-cellulite cream means something different. Do you agree?

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