martedì 6 luglio 2010

Object of Desire: E.l.f. All Over Cover Stick foundation

Dear stick foundation fans,

have you ever thought you could pay € 1.70 for your object of desire?

I know many of you share my insane passion for this kind of cosmetic: note that I do not use the term 'insane' at random. In fact, I never found a stick foundation that I liked: the L'Oréal "Quick Stick" dried my skin, the Olay stick (Olaz in Italian) was fresh but was not stretchable. I only need to experience the legendary Max Factor Pan Stick and be lured to shopping by a 'vintage' Woltz stick foundation peeping out from the window of a shop near my office, and then I can say I've hit the bottom of the abyss of desperate women lost for stick foundation.

Despite the disappointments, I still want to test them all.

I am so stubborn!

With Elf, I'm sure I will "scratch my itch": at least, in this case, it will cost me very little money, and it's available in seven shades!

Next free shipping campaign on, it will be mine! :-)

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